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Why Kathy Stone?
Kathy has invested 30 plus years, over $250,000, and 15,000 hours learning, studying and overcoming several types of Food Addictions to create the
 "FREEDOM FROM" method.   
 Kathy Stone is a GAME CHANGER in the field of breaking food addiction!  She's worked with the most successful and influential groups, the best therapists, coaches & attended the best trainings in the world to break food addiction!
In This Download  You Will Discover:
  • All the ways you can STOP OBSESSING about food and weight
  • How you can finally ENJOY FOOD and maintain OPTIMAL WELL BEING
  • How to FIND FREEDOM you never thought was possible
  • How to DEAL WITH CRAVINGS and STAY AWAY from your binge foods
  • How to LOVE YOUR BODY and yourself
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 Kathy Stone Organization 2019 - All Rights Reserved
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